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The Display

The village has a rich history and heritage which volunteers have recorded and made available to visitors to the church. The church is usually open and visitors can access it’s history in a number of ways. In recent years funding from the National Lottery has provided new items which form the “The Heritage Collection”. A booklet describing The Collection is available in church. The Collection consists of: An Engraved Glass Windowswhich depicts Utterby past, present and future. This windows is unique in Lincolnshire. An Interactive Touch Screen where visitors can choose to visit information about the church and churchyard. A virtual tour of the church features is included on the screen. A Parish Chest: This is a museum quality piece in which church and village archive material is stored (Items are listed under the Family History and the Heritage tabs on the home page) The chest is open during events or can be opened on request. Also stored in the chest is a series of research articles on village history and features. A Church Information Leaflet which describes the main features and arefacts of the church. See also the interpretation board in the churchyard which gives information about areas of interest in the village.
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The Childrens Trail

A NADFASChurch Trail is available in the church. A Church Trail is a question sheet that guides children and their accompanying adults around the church and encourages them to engage with the architecture, history and furnishings. NADFAS members voluntarily give their time to research and write the questions and corresponding answer sheets. The aim is to encourage 8 - 12 year olds and their families to learn about the building and inspire them to visit and enjoy other churches. Church trails are researched, writen and designed in a child friendly format.

The Listening Post

Listen to stories about village life. We have gathered reminiscences from people living in the village and have recorded their narratives. They have told us about aspects of their experiences of which there are no official records. Come and listen to these recordings, imagine how it was for them and compare how it is today. There are personal stories about village life and descriptions of how the village has developed over the years. Memories which can now be passed from generation to generation, recreating the past and keeping future generations in touch with their heritage. There will be a display of photographs to enhance the tales told. So please come along and vist
“Utterby Heritage - A Village Story”
Utterby Heritage