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St Andrew’s Church Utterby

Local History

These items are on disc and are printed out for display

and have some pictures, diagrams and maps etc.

History of St Andrews Church Son of a Crusader Knight: Lord of the Manor of Utterby Pack Horse Bridge Holy Well Utterby Halt Out of the Dark Ages (Early Utterby History) North Ormsby Priory The Gilbertine Order of Monks and Nuns St Gilbert of Sempringham Barton Street Head Stone Cadeby Hall Utterby School Utterby Places The Mysterious White Lady of North Ormsby Utterby 1939 - 1945 Harold Bedson, Mariner and Family Henry Cross, Lincolnshire Drover Infant Mortality
“Heritage - A Village Story - Display items”

Church Guides

These items are on disc and are printed as

guides with photographs to accompany them.

Gilbert de Cumberworth David Hatchment Devils Doorway Font Memorials Chancel Porch Tower and Bells St Andrews Church Thomas Willement (Stained Glass Maker) Churchyard
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