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Family History & Genealogy

Church members have collated the following information which is now stored in our Parish Chest

Transcriptions of the Parish Registers Censuses Parish Chest Documents Wills Parish Magazine Memorials Inscriptions Cemetry Records Much of the work  concerns documenting the lives of the past inhabitants of the village and may take some years to complete. As sections are completed, the information is made available in the church. For people interested in family history, they may either view by appointment or visit on Family History open days. Volunteers to help with this research are most welcome to take part in this mammoth task so please send an email to: churchmouse46@btinternet.com if you are interested. The work may involve searching the archives and you never know what you might find of interest.

Whats in the Archives

Parish Recordes - Baptisms, Marriages, Burials Catalogue - Details of all the material we hold inthe Heritage Centre: Photographs, Press Cuttings, Artefacts, Documents etc. Wills are included some have been transcribed or can be transcribed by request Medieval Wills - Synopses Poor - from the Poor Law Records Censuses - 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 are on line. Plans are afoot to input the 1911 census also. Audio Post Listen to stories about village life, we have gathered reminiscences from people living in the village and have recorded their narratives. They have told us about aspects of their experiences of which there are no official records. Come and listen to these recordings; imagine how it was for them and compare how it is today. There are personal stories about village life and descriptions of how the village has developed over the years.
“Family History and Genealogy”
Family History